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The Celtic Chords shop and website was conceived and launched in February 2003 by Pete Murray who had been working as a commercial analyst in the oil industry for many years. Frustrated at having to travel so far south to indulge in his passion for squeezeboxes and handmade acoustic instruments, now was the time for a career change. Consequently, he identified a niche market for a traditional music shop on Scotland's picturesque N.E coast  in the lovely seaside town of Stonehaven. Note: Shop now closed. Online sales only.

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As dedicated musicians, all our shop staff have many years of experience in every aspect of musical instruments and traditional music generally. Whether you are an accomplished musician, an absolute beginner or someone who just likes traditional music, we would be happy to provide you with unbiased advice on any of the hundreds of gorgeous acoustic instruments, traditional music books or CD's we stock.

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We endeavour to provide a friendly relaxed atmosphere in our shop with customer focus and best in class after sales service being one of our main objectives. Consequently, many of our customers have become frequent visitors to our shop and some have even adopted it as a meeting place for a good blether about traditional music or just to check out some of the latest handmade acoustic instruments we have in stock.

When purchasing an instrument from us, you can be assurred that it has been set up correctly, whether it be an entry level or high end instrument.  We also offer a repair and set-up service for fiddles, acoustic guitars and other stringed instruments, accordions, some woodwind and brass instruments.

You can also ask in our shop for information on the Aberdeenshire traditional music scene with live pub sessions and the ever growing annual Stonehaven International Folk Festival held in July. 

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All our instruments are correctly set up at the shop

All instruments set up in store